What do you get when you delist wolves?

I was reading an article today where the author was writing about the dangers of wolves being taken off the ESA (Endangered Species Act).  Within 1 year of the wolves being taken off the list approximately 20% of the wolf population was killed by hunters and farmers in Idaho and Montana.  This is the exact reason they NEED to be protected.  Anti wolf politicians and supporters claim that the population is large enough to support hunting and that they are just keeping a balance within the ecosystem.  As you can see from the numbers, there are a lot of people that want to kill the wolf and just see it as another trophy on the wall.  What they don’t understand is if they let the hunting continue at its current rate, all of the work that conservation groups have done over the last 20-30 years could be undone in less than 5 years.  If an animal population is only 5 hunting seasons away from disaster why are they being hunted?  Personally I feel that the 20% is shocking, but not nearly as bad as it could get.  When word spreads that a “new” carnivorous animal is out there to hunt, it will draw more people from around the country to the wolf’s doorstep.  I can only see the percentages going up year after year and I fear that by the time people realize that the wolves are in serious trouble legal processes and paper work will take so long to go through state and federal government that we could end up back where we started, with no wolves in the US.  When you compare wolf numbers, approximately 6,000 wolves in the lower 48, with hunters, approximately 60,000 licensees were issues last year in the US, you can see how fast things can get out of hand.  The only places that are currently safe are the national park boundaries and what is stopping the packs wondering outside the protected areas?  If you want to help please click on the petition links on the left side of the page to help tell the government that it’s NOT OK to kill a struggling species.


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