What created the overwelming fear of Wolves?

I was surfing internet today trying to find cases where wolves attacked and killed humans to see if I could find some sort of link between that and most people’s deep seeded fear of these animals.  I was shocked to find that there have been no confirmed wolf killings in the lower 48 and only 1 fatal attack in Alaska.  I had to ask myself where was this fear coming from then?  I know research has shown time and time again that wolves are more afraid of humans than we are of them.  They almost always bolt when they hear, smell, or see a human in the area and if they don’t it is usually because the wolf is sick or has rabies.  So the fear our society has for the wolf had to spring from somewhere right?  The only two things I can really find concerning the fear of wolves are 1) Media has always portrayed wolves as dangerous killers.  Werewolves, little red riding hood, three little pigs, and peter and the wolf just to name a few, immediately pop into my mind when I think of the media.  Also, if I ever hear about a wolf in the news, it is always portrayed in a negative light.  Here is a great example of the extremely weird stories that get shown on news programs:

I don’t think there is much to be said about that video it left me speechless! Wolves are already struggling with an uphill battle, we don’t need “wolf packs” making things worse!  2) The second and more genetic reason wolves are feared is most likely a survival instinct.  Just like sharks, spiders, snakes, bears and other animals that have the capability of doing harm but rarely do, wolves are seen as something to stay away from because they growl and have big teeth.  I think that there is a very one sided story that has been told over the years when it comes to the Big Bad Wolf and this is one of the main reasons I write this blog.  I hope that some of the information found here will help people understand that there is a very concerning trend targeting the existence of the world’s greatest animals and through no fault of there own, are slowly being wiped off the face of the earth by uneducated, intolerant landowners and politicians.  We need to fight for the ecosystems of the world which has helped us survive and thrive as humans because if we don’t, the world will not be able to support our species and we will have single handedly destroyed the planet that has been home to everyone of us.  I will leave you with a quote from an “The wolf is neither a friend nor an enemy, but a fellow creature with whom the earth must be shared” -L. David Mech

2 responses to “What created the overwelming fear of Wolves?

  1. Hello Josh, You are hitting the nail on the head, here. We need to talk – shout it out – about this. When I tell people I have seen a wolf up close in Yellowstone, they cringe, as though my life has been in danger. So far from the truth. Myth kills and is doing so now in Montana and Idaho. Thanks – Monica

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