Circle of Life for Hunters…Hypocrites

So today I was reading my normal wildlife news sources and came across an article posted by a fellow wildlife blogger Howling for Justice.  I wanted to share it because it opened my eyes to the extremes people will go through to justify hunting.  In the article on his page the author describes the SCI or Safari Club International.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this “club” it is basically a bunch of hunters that get together and brag about the different endangered species and wildlife they kill.  Here is a short exert from the article, “SCI members shoot prescribed lists of animals to win so-called Grand Slam and Inner Circle titles. There are the Africa Big Five, (leopard, elephant, lion, rhino, and buffalo); the North American Twenty Nine (all species of bear, bison, sheep, moose, caribou, and deer); and the Antlered Game of the Americas, among many other contests. To complete all 29 award categories, a hunter must kill a minimum of 322 separate species and sub-species enough to populate an entire zoo. This is an extremely expensive and lengthy task, and many SCI members take the quick and easy route. They shoot captive animals in canned hunts, both in the United States and overseas, and some engage in other unethical conduct like shooting animals over bait, from vehicles, with spotlights, or on the periphery of national parks.”  If you want to read the rest of the article please click here: Howling For Justice.  If you want another “GREAT” read check out the SCI’s latest “Record Book Annual Awards”  for nice pictures of all the poor animals, including lions, rhinos, and leopards that have been murdered over the last year.  If you think that’s bad, here is where it gets even worse.  If you go to the ABOUT US section of SCI it tries to explain that, “SCI spent nearly $300 million on hunter advocacy and wildlife conservation”   So I just want to make sure I read this correctly, this organization shoots and kills wildlife and then turns around and spends money to protect wildlife from people that shoot them?  I’m not sure about you, but something tells me this organization lacks some fundamental knowledge of the meaning of hypocrite.  They are basically saying that they want to preserve just enough wildlife so that future generations can have a chance to kill them, how thoughtful!  These guys and girls look like they are really looking out for the wildlife!  Please help the wildlife by not supporting these types of organizations.  Here are some of the asses in action WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT:


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