4 Years, 20 Sheep

A new report was just released by one of the most successful wolf-rancher coexistence program called the Wood River Wolf Project.  This program receives a good portion of its funding from Defenders of Wildlife and has been seen in the news many times over the years as  a wolf conservation success story.  The report just released had two important and telling facts: 1) This program has been running for 4 years 2) There has only been 20 sheep killed out of 40,000 during the time this program has been implemented.  This is a vote of confidence for wolf supporters and just one more nail in the coffin for those looking to show that wolf management programs do not work.  The techniques they are using are nothing unusual, they include: guard dogs, range riders, flaggery, movable fencing, sirens and flashing lights.  The best part of this program is the rancher only pays a fraction of the cost due to state and defenders of wildlife funding.  Better yet, the the ranchers where financially compensated for those sheep that were taken by wolves so they really lost nothing.  The program works, it needs to be used on a widespread scale, there is no need for mass wolf hysteria, leave the politics out of conservation! 


2 responses to “4 Years, 20 Sheep

  1. Amen multiple times! I am curious about the range riders and want to know more.

  2. I will prepare a post on them soon Monica

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