Wolves NOT Delisted for Once…Finally!

A win today for wolves in the Washington.  The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife turned down a petition that called for the delisting wolves.  The decision was made Monday Oct. 17th and is the first state in the last few years that actually was smart enough to look at the science.  The state currently has 25 to 30 wolves in 5 known packs, which thankfully has been determined not to be a healthy and sustainable population.  They also turned down the petition because one of the major arguments was that the wolves were not a native species and therefore shouldn’t be protected.  The State Department countered that by letting the petitioners know that the wolves where in the state long before we were and humans were the ones that origianlly eliminated them from the state by over hunting and poisoning.  The current wolves in the state all migrated there on there own and are there by choice.  This is exciting news for the wolves, who in recent months have had a lot of roadblocks put up in the US that have restricted their successful recovery. 


One response to “Wolves NOT Delisted for Once…Finally!

  1. Great news and so welcome!!

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