Let the Massacre Begin….

As of right now, open season has been declare in Idaho and Montana on wolves and other “trophy” animals.  I just wanted to mark the current death tolls so we will be able to reference this in a few weeks to see how bad it gets.

Montana: 69 confirmed wolves killed

Idaho: 17 confirmed wolves killed

If you would like to help there is still time.  We need 5,000 signatures by Oct. 27th on this petition to put a emergency halt to the wolf hunting until science can look at the current management plans to determine if a sustainable and healthy population has been reached.  Please SPREAD THE WORD to all of your friends and family, email, call, text whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated not only by me, but by the 1,000 wolves who are about to be destroyed by hunters.



5 responses to “Let the Massacre Begin….

  1. “Like” to be informed – don’t “like” what’s coming. If enough people take a stand, things can change. Let’s use the power we do have. Thanks, Josh, for keeping this front and center. And hello – wolf lovers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming – where are your voices?

  2. I just went to sign the petition but it say’s it has expired and didn’t meet the signature threshold. Let me know if there is another one and I’ll sign it.

    I sincerely sympothize with the ranchers trying to protect their livestock but firmly believe there is a better way than a shoot on sight policy.

    Great work.

  3. Thank you for your support Darren! Unfortunately the petition closed yesterday so we were not able to get the number of signatures we needed. However there are some petitions that I have posted on the upper left corner of my main page that are still active that you can sign. Again thanks for the support and glad to see one more voice for wolf conservation!

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