New Commentary about Wolves and Ranchers

Here is an article that appeared in the Idaho Mountain Express that expresses concern with the fact that ranchers are quick to point their finger at the wolves as the source of all of their problems.

Wolves aren’t the problem

This letter is in response to “Killer wolves are out of control” (letters, Dec. 7). I have hunted in this state all my life. I’m also a rancher. When you talk about ranchers losing their livelihood because of the wolves eating their livestock, are you referring to the ranchers who keep their livestock on their private land, or are you talking about the corporate ranchers who at the expense of our wildlife and wildlife habitat use our public lands for their own personal feedlot? As they use their private land to plant subsidy crops on and draw millions of dollars from the taxpayers.

I agree that we are losing our wildlife; this is the fault of the Department of Fish and Game. It’s their job to keep healthy herds of big game and good habitat for wildlife through management. But if Fish and Game doesn’t start to manage responsibly and work for the animals (instead of the government) and hunters keep killing the doe and fawn deer as well as the cow and calf elk population, like we’ve been doing for the past 10 or 12 years, things are not going to change. If you keep killing the females, there will be no more animals.

If some people want to keep using wolves as the scapegoat for all that is bad in the world, go ahead, but I’m not worried about wolves in the forest—I’m more worried about the “foxes” in the state house. It’s time that Fish and Game listens to the people who pay their wages and not the people who run the livestock association.

Wolves are not spoiling people’s way of life—people are destroying their own way of life. Keep up the good work.

Shane Walker


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2 responses to “New Commentary about Wolves and Ranchers

  1. Absolutely true…but people really really don’t like taking responsibility in such issues. An animal is an even better choice to point the finger of blame at as it can’t answer back…or can it??!!!!

  2. This is a terrific letter. Those who live in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and oppose hunting need to speak up.

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