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Help Save Wolves Against Aerial Hunts

Please sign this Defenders of Wildlife petition that will stop the aerial killing of up to 75 Idaho wolves on PUBLIC land.

Defenders of Wildlife Petition

Here is a Defenders of Wildlife Petition to help stop anti-wolf provisions in the interior spending bill.  Less than 100 signatures needed!  Almost there!


REMINDER: Click Daily to Save Wolves

Hey everyone just a reminder for those who have been here for a while as well as some of the newer visitors that there is a link on the left hand side of this page that says, “CLICK DAILY TO … Continue reading

OK everyone here is the latest petition…

Here is a petition to help save the Wyoming wolves!  Less than 700 signatures left to hit the goal lets help out!


Help Stop Grazing on Federal Land

One of the biggest conflicts between wolves and ranchers happens because ranchers are allowed to graze their herds on federally protected land.  This not only ruins the plants, but spreads weeds and diseases when they drop their “cow pies” in this protected area.  If herds are able to graze freely in federal land why can’t wolves roam freely in the same space?  It all belongs to the people of the US, I don’t believe it should be selectively used to benefit a few.  Please sign this petition to stop the grazing on federal land.


Protect Wyoming Wolves!

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Here is a petition started by Earthjustice to help voice our opinions about the injustice taking place right now in Wyoming where grey wolves are about to be taken off the endangered species list.  Please help them out!

Vote NO on extending the Hunting Season on Wolves

Sorry about the silence this last week, I have been out of town for a few days.  Please follow the link and vote NO to help save wolves in Montana!