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Happy New Year! A Great Video of “Journey” In The News

Hey everyone, wanted to wish you a happy new year!  I know it’s a little late but I have been busy with wedding planning!  I just wanted to share this NBC news clip of a story about “Journey”  the first wolf in California in over 80 years!  Click the link to watch the video.  I couldn’t be more excited to finally have a wolf in my home state!



New trailer for “The Phantom Wolves of Sun Valley”

New Video of Wolve Pups

Here is a video found by Wolf Watchers.  The Videographer, Brad Josephs, also has a lot of other great videos that you can watch after you finish this 9 minute clip.  Enjoy!

Video of the California Wolf Center


Video from Defenders of Wildlife on Wildlife Tourism

Great Victory for Wildlife!

The following is a video of the explosion of the Condit Dam in Washington State.  This dam was blocking salmon from making their annual migration up the White Salmon River to spawn.  It also blocked other fish from swimming up the stream which helps balance the existing ecosystem.  The decision to blow up the dam was made because it was determined that it would be more expensive to find a way to divert the water around the dam, in order to make a way for the salmon to swim, than to just blow it up and find a new way to generate power.  What a great victory for the ecosystem! (It also makes for a pretty cool video!)

One More Reason Wolves Need to be Part of the Ecosystem

Great video of one more reason that wolves are extremely important in our ecosystem.  They don’t just effect animals but also plants and trees.  If you want to read the entire article written by Norm Bishop go to Howling for Justice’s blog at: