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Protect Wyoming Wolves!

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Here is a petition started by Earthjustice to help voice our opinions about the injustice taking place right now in Wyoming where grey wolves are about to be taken off the endangered species list.  Please help them out! https://secure.earthjustice.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1217


After a Week of Good News in Oregon a Step Backwards….

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Over the last week or so the Oregon Fish and Wildlife have been debating if they should kill two wolves believed to have killed livestock in the area.  It looks like conversationalist are fighting a losing battle.  The state is … Continue reading

Mexican Grey Wolf Video

Interesting Video on the dangers of turning Mexican Grey Wolf management over to the states.  The video warns of what will happen if they are delisted from the ESA.


Strait From a Senator’s Mouth

Thanks to Wolf Watcher I found this article that was written by Utah’s republican Senator Orrin Hatch.  He voted to delist the wolves in 2009 and now is pushing for the same to happen to Mexican Grey Wolves, the most … Continue reading


We reached 100 today…

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Marks the date, today we’ve reached 100 wolves killed in Idaho and Montana.  The 9th court of appeals has thrown out the last effort by conversationalist to halt the wolf hunts but will re visit the petition at the end … Continue reading

Let the Massacre Begin….

As of right now, open season has been declare in Idaho and Montana on wolves and other “trophy” animals.  I just wanted to mark the current death tolls so we will be able to reference this in a few weeks to see how bad it gets.

Montana: 69 confirmed wolves killed

Idaho: 17 confirmed wolves killed

If you would like to help there is still time.  We need 5,000 signatures by Oct. 27th on this petition to put a emergency halt to the wolf hunting until science can look at the current management plans to determine if a sustainable and healthy population has been reached.  Please SPREAD THE WORD to all of your friends and family, email, call, text whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated not only by me, but by the 1,000 wolves who are about to be destroyed by hunters.



What do you get when you delist wolves?

I was reading an article today where the author was writing about the dangers of wolves being taken off the ESA (Endangered Species Act).  Within 1 year of the wolves being taken off the list approximately 20% of the wolf … Continue reading