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Mexican Grey Wolve Shot Dead

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This another sad story related to the always struggling Mexican Grey Wolf.  It was shot and killed by Feds because it was found “consorting” with domestic dogs.  This same wolf had previously mated with another domestic dog and that dog … Continue reading

Mexican Grey Wolf Video

Interesting Video on the dangers of turning Mexican Grey Wolf management over to the states.  The video warns of what will happen if they are delisted from the ESA.


Strait From a Senator’s Mouth

Thanks to Wolf Watcher I found this article that was written by Utah’s republican Senator Orrin Hatch.  He voted to delist the wolves in 2009 and now is pushing for the same to happen to Mexican Grey Wolves, the most … Continue reading

Pictures of the Mexican Grey Wolves Being released

This is a follow up to my previous post.  I found the flickr account which has pictures of the actual Mexican grey wolves being released!

LINK: Pictures of the Mexican Grey Wolf’s Release


Mexican Grey Wolf back in Mexico for the first time in over 30 years!

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An exciting step toward restoring a balanced ecosystem to the Mexico/Arizona boarder was reached on Oct. 11th when 5 Mexican Grey Wolves were released back into their native habitat.  This is the first time these wolves have been in the … Continue reading